Curtis Baigent ︎ has an experimental, research-led art & design practice, working with uncertainty as a medium.


(︎︎︎currently) Artist, Design Innovation Director, Creative Director & Research Lead @ Forever — FutureDeluxe/Tendril.

(︎︎︎formerly) Creative Director @ ManvsMachine & f°am Studio  (Zeitguised).

(︎︎︎generally) from Wellington, New Zealand, living in London, UK [curtisbaigent @]










(5) Poiesis: A real-time generative artwork w/ FutureDeluxe

How might we design and construct a cinematic model of the cosmos that can be displayed as an ambient and ever-changing generative artwork?

‘Poiesis’ is a privately commissioned real-time generative portal to a dynamically simulated universe. The work is site specific. Viewers of the artwork glimpse unique parts of the cosmos that are generated on the fly exclusively for that moment; from alien worlds to planetary systems, black holes to nebulae and star clusters.

The artwork is designed to generate upwards of 2,147,483,648 possible unique cinematic journeys, from nebula to landscape. In order to see all of the possible combinations it would take 122,491.987 years.
︎ Creative Direction | Art Direction | Design | Designed, directed & produced – FutureDeluxe
Tim Gfrerer, Svet Lapchev, Curtis Baigent, Arturo Castro, Marc Winklhofe, Andrea Zucchett, Steve Watts Kennedy (Kuva), Matteo Zamagni, James Le, Lukas Schmeck, Caleigh Illerbu, Kristian Glenn, Ben Black, Matthias Winckelman, Jacob Spacek, Marcus Chalone, Will Denning

Music [Film] – Mihalis Shammas
Music [R&D & Trailer] – Seven Orbits
Promotional Edits – Laurence Green + Carla Thomas  (Okay Studio)