Curtis Baigent ︎ has an experimental, research-led art & design practice, working with uncertainty as a medium.


(︎︎︎currently) Artist, Design Innovation Director, Creative Director & Research Lead @ Forever — FutureDeluxe/Tendril.

(︎︎︎formerly) Creative Director @ ManvsMachine & f°am Studio  (Zeitguised).

(︎︎︎generally) from Wellington, New Zealand, living in London, UK [curtisbaigent @]










(2) Bjork — Fossora with FutureDeluxe

Experimental Music Video and Live Cornucopia Tour Visuals directed by Björk, Vidar Logi, M/M (Paris), and FutureDeluxe.

How can we design a procedural network of sound-reactive beings driven by the audio expressions played by Björk and her musicians for her experimental film and live show, Cornucopia?

Fossora cultivates a digital ecosystem of soil, earth, rot and rhythmically writhing mutated fungi that invites us to embrace the beauty of the darker things people often shy away from.

︎ Co-Direction | Co-Creative Direction

Directors : björk, viðar logi, m/m (paris) and futuredeluxe.

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