Curtis Baigent ︎ has an experimental, research-led art & design practice.


(︎︎︎currently) Artist, Creative Director & Research Lead @ FutureDeluxe.

(︎︎︎formerly) Creative Director @ ManvsMachine & f°am Studio  (Zeitguised).

(︎︎︎generally) from Wellington, New Zealand, living in London, UK [curtisbaigent @]










(8) AUVOTs w/ BASF & foam Studio

AUVOTs, a new genre of hybrid object somewhere between a virtual car body and a sculptural tool to explore the future of automotive surface design.

01 of 04 virtual automotive sculptures created for BASF to test their automotive surface coatings.

Given the impossibility of providing real-life car paint samples to all manufacturers around the world, f°am was invited to conceptualize a new genre of virtual object that showcases how paint tones appear and reflections break on the surfaces of different car bodies.

The resulting sculptures are experimental canvases for the interplay of paint & light across abstract body geometries – functional and abstract in equal measure. Forms are left purposely unfinished. In this way the sculptures offer a starting point for future design possibilities within the emerging field of commercial virtual object design – suggesting an object in a state of becoming & leaving room for potential elaboration.

︎ Co-Direction | Art Direction | Design
All conceptual, design and production work: f°am Studio.
Sound by UglyStupidHonest